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Newcastle Hospitals blames computer error for losing patient letters -> (2023-09-25 23:01)

Source: CNN
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Nagorno-Karabakh: Thousands flee as Armenia says ethnic cleansing under way -> (2023-09-26 01:26)

Ukraine: The soldiers who can’t leave the front line until the war is over -> (2023-09-25 23:08)

Trudeau calls praise for Nazi-linked veteran 'deeply embarrassing' -> (2023-09-25 23:11)

David McCallum: NCIS and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. actor dies aged 90 -> (2023-09-25 23:30)

Man's Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce clip leads to 'crazy 24 hours' -> (2023-09-25 23:56)

Third arrest made in New York fentanyl nursery child death -> (2023-09-26 00:56)

Spotify will not ban AI-made music, says boss -> (2023-09-25 23:33)

US senator: 'I will be exonerated' on fraud charges -> (2023-09-25 20:52)

Lego axes plan to make bricks from recycled bottles -> (2023-09-25 14:12)

Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom to square off in November debate -> (2023-09-26 02:11)

Zambia ex-President Edgar Lungu banned from 'political' jogging -> (2023-09-25 12:59)

South China Sea: Philippines removes Chinese barrier in contested area -> (2023-09-25 14:15)

Watch elderly man air rescued after cliff fall -> (2023-09-25 17:19)

How the fall of the 'King of Crypto' cost one British man millions -> (2023-09-25 05:00)

Faramarz Javidzad: US-Iranian dual national dies at Evin prison -> (2023-09-25 14:53)

French family planning agency turns to British TV show Sex Education -> (2023-09-25 12:22)

Osiris-Rex: Nasa confirms return of asteroid Bennu samples -> (2023-09-25 02:27)

Sophia Loren: Italian star has emergency surgery after fall -> (2023-09-25 11:30)

Metaverse: What happened to Mark Zuckerberg's next big thing? -> (2023-09-25 16:02)

US-China rivalry spurs investment in space tech -> (2023-09-25 23:14)

The shadowy Chinese firms that own chunks of Cambodia -> (2023-09-24 23:32)

Farmers turn to tech as bees struggle to pollinate -> (2023-09-24 23:06)

Ukraine war: Training to clear the world's most heavily mined country -> (2023-09-24 23:59)

Trudeau facing cold reality after lonely week on world stage -> (2023-09-23 23:36)

AI-generated naked child images shock Spanish town of Almendralejo -> (2023-09-23 23:17)

Karabakh humanitarian fears grow with thousands sleeping on Stepanakert streets -> (2023-09-24 00:55)

The Archies: Why an American comic book evokes nostalgia in Indians -> (2023-09-23 23:05)

Pablo Neruda: Chilean poet's death still shrouded in mystery -> (2023-09-23 23:31)

Taylor Swift attends Kansas City Chiefs game -> (2023-09-25 20:59)

South China Sea: Philippines Coast Guard cuts barrier -> (2023-09-25 20:04)

Nagorno-Karabakh: Voices of Armenians fleeing -> (2023-09-25 17:57)

Nagorno-Karabakh: BBC reports from Armenia border amid panic -> (2023-09-25 11:50)

Passengers left upside down as ride malfunctions in Canada -> (2023-09-25 07:05)

Asteroid Bennu: Watch moment sample lands on Earth -> (2023-09-24 15:34)

Asteroid Bennu: Why the return of samples is so important... in 83 seconds -> (2023-09-24 16:59)

Source: CNN
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