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Source: Google news
Prince Philip: William and Harry pay tribute to grandfather -> (2021-04-12 19:33)

Source: CNN
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Minneapolis: Daunte Wright shooting by police 'accidental' -> (2021-04-12 19:12)

Iran vows revenge for 'Israeli' attack on Natanz nuclear site -> (2021-04-12 13:01)

France moves to ban short-haul domestic flights -> (2021-04-12 15:04)

Will Smith's slavery film Emancipation pulls out of Georgia over voting laws -> (2021-04-12 15:02)

Yuri Gagarin: Sixty years since the first man went into space -> (2021-04-11 23:38)

Nevskaya Manufaktura: Fire destroys historic factory in St Petersburg -> (2021-04-12 14:54)

Manhunt after 'execution' shooting in Paris -> (2021-04-12 17:18)

St Vincent volcano: Eruptions likely in coming days, experts warn -> (2021-04-12 03:35)

Haridwar: Crowds surging at Kumbh Mela as India overtakes Brazil in Covid cases -> (2021-04-12 11:30)

Neighbours star Nicola Charles claims cast members tried to get her deported -> (2021-04-12 09:50)

Joseph Siravo: The Sopranos and Jersey Boys star dies aged 64 -> (2021-04-12 09:33)

Camille Pissarro: Transatlantic struggle for painting stolen by Nazis -> (2021-04-12 11:28)

Prince Philip: The Vanuatu tribes mourning the death of their 'god' -> (2021-04-12 11:34)

Iran nuclear attack: Mystery surrounds nuclear sabotage at Natanz -> (2021-04-12 15:49)

Why India and Nepal's forest fires are worrying scientists -> (2021-04-11 23:11)

Moscow's palatial Yeliseyevsky food hall closes after 120 years -> (2021-04-10 23:19)

Ghana's farmers eye sweet success from chocolate -> (2021-04-10 23:25)

Benin elections: The fight for a democratic future -> (2021-04-11 17:09)

South African artists struggle with Covid theatre closures -> (2021-04-09 23:51)

Sexual health: 'I can't tell my mum I'm having sex' -> (2021-04-09 05:56)

Minneapolis: Daunte Wright killing by police sparks unrest -> (2021-04-12 13:19)

Being mixed race like Kamala Harris: 'I feel just as Indian as I feel black' -> (2021-04-11 23:40)

Sydney remembers Prince Philip: ‘We feel more connected now’ -> (2021-04-11 14:16)

US soldier faces guns and pepper spray in traffic stop -> (2021-04-11 13:39)

Elephant calf rescued from bottom of well in India -> (2021-04-11 11:00)

Source: CNN
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